Success Stories

Success Stories

The vast majority of our practice members have experienced remarkable changes in their health physically, mentally, and spiritually with the implementation of our wellness program.  Here are a few testimonies from our wonderful practice members.

Chris' testimony about more rest and better health

Britney's amazing testimony about pregnancy.

Tim speaking about his experience here at Pinnacle Wellness and how it's helped his back pain.

Maribel speaking about her low back pain, migraines and digestion

Rick's testimony for his migraines.

Jamie's experience at Pinnacle Wellness for sciatica and low back pain.

Biliana's testimony about overall health, decrease in pain and better mobility.

Marcela's testimony about low back pain and neck pain.

Susan speaking about neck and shoulder pain, increased flexibility and her experience at Pinnacle Wellness.

J. Blonsky M.D.

"Prior to starting treatment with Pinnacle Wellness, our 5 year old daughter was constantly complaining of neck and stomach pain.  Some of her complaints may have been related to a prior motor vehicle collision.  She had difficulty with reading as this would hurt her neck to look down.  Her neck pain also limited her in gymnastics where neck stiffness and pain prevented her from completing simple maneuvers such as a forward roll.  Since the first adjustment, she has not had any recurrent neck pain and immediately could do a roll which was noticed by her coach the following day.  She now enjoys reading without limitation.  In addition, we have noticed that she does not complain of abdominal pain.  We are so thankful for the care and patience Pinnacle Wellness demonstrates with her.  She has always felt very comfortable with the doctors due to their excellent bedside manner and genuine compassion.  As a medical doctor myself, I am also under the care of Pinnacle Wellness and have noted significant improvement in chronic lower back pain.  Likewise, my wife, who suffers from a reverse curve in her neck, continues to see improvements in her condition through treatments from the doctors.  With my entire family being adjusted regularly, I cannot fully express how satisfied we are with the therapy we are receiving at Pinnacle Wellness."

Thoa V.

"I am very impressed with the care/services provided by both Dr. Ho & Dr. Q. It's so nice to see doctors who are passionate about their work. I was on the verge of going through surgery because of my pain, but after one - two adjustments the pain I was going through went completely away. I have been under the care of both docs for a little over a year now, and I feel a lot of improvement."

Rechina E.

"As soon as you walk in you are greeted, by name by everyone in the office. Doctors have a genuine concern about your physical and mental well-being and will patiently answer any and all questions. Lots of other programs in the office to keep you fit and well-informed. Would not change chiropractor. Would highly recommend pinnacle wellness to all."

Franklin S.

"I enjoy my twice weekly adjustments. The staff are very friendly and personable. Dr. Ho and Dr. Q. are very professional and are not only concerned with my spinal adjustment but also my overall health and well being."

Robert P.

"The doctors at Pinnacle Wellness are great! The staff always make you feel like you are with friends who are happy to see you! My health has improved since I started going to Pinnacle Wellness!"

Myra T.

"Pinnacle Wellness had helped me get rid of my migraine headaches, lessen my back pain and most of all, get me started into living a healthier life (though i still eat rice most of the the 2 doctors are excellent and does not just address you as a patient but as a friend and family...which means that here is where you will get the first class treatment... Kudos to Dr Khoa Ho and Dr Quoc Ho!!"

V. Gonzales

"While training to run a 1/2 marathon, I had lower back discomfort and I would favor my left side and limit my movement because of the pain.  I couldn't run more than a mile without it acting up. Before I had my first adjustment with Pinnacle Wellness, I was really scared and not sure if the treatment would even work, but after my very first adjustment I could tell a HUGE difference. I could move again without pain. I see them for treatment regularly and have started running again without any pain. I feel like a new person after I have been adjusted. I have benefited so much from my treatments that I have my 10 year old son seeing the doctors as well. My 10 year old son is being adjusted to help him have a good healthy life. I am so grateful for the doctors at Pinnacle Wellness."

M. Lorenzana

"It is an awesome experience to have involved Pinnacle Wellness with my well being for prevention of exacerbation/complications of existing conditions.  I  no longer have occasional numbness and tingling on my right face it has improved with my treatments.  Never had any body commented about my posture before, but this past weekend a friend stated that I walk with good posture.  Health is wealth indeed."

P. Raines

"I feel better physically and mentally. Before Pinnacle Wellness, I was already beginning to just accept that the pain I had was from getting older and that there wasn't much I could do about it besides take medicine (which I don't like doing). I believe that the body heals itself, and chiropractic helps the body to do just that."

K. Smith

"Before I started with my adjustments I had very limited range in motion, gained 30 pounds, and I experienced pain everyday. I suffered in silence and was on very high dose of pain medications. I felt the diffrence immediately after my first adjustment. I currently lost 30 pounds and no longer take pain medication's."

J. Maywald

"I feel that Pinnacle Wellness has had a tremendous positive effect on my life, through the alleviation of pain and the family atmosphere it has allowed me to focus on enjoying life and family to the fullest."


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I love it there so polite and right to the point never pushy or rude vet respectful. I wouldn’t go anyplace else. Love them all!!"
    Kandice Desalvo V.
  • "Dr. Ho and Dr. Q are caring and compassionate doctors. Their goal is to make you feel great. They take the time to listen to your concerns and address them. I would definitely recommend these doctors!"
    Sandra E.
  • "I got refer from a Dear good friend Jennifer which ive been having problems with my neck n knees. I would definitely recommend Pinnacle Wellness they have a great friendly staff n Doctors are great! I've learned a lot about our bodies n etc. I will continue seeing them again !!! My adjustments are great!"
    Cynthia T.
  • "We have been going to Pinnacle Wellness for over 3 months now, back pain has stopped 100%. We are still blown away by how amazing Dr. Q and Dr. Ho are. We are blessed they came into our lives and have truly added so much to our knowledge about our bodies and even personal growth and development. Pinnacle Wellness is nothing short of a breath of fresh air. Isabelle at the front desk always makes our day. If you are looking for a chiropractor that truly cares for your well being, my family would definitely recommend you to look no further and make Pinnacle Wellness your destination. I had just learned to live with and accept my daily back pain. Thanks to Pinnacle Wellness our lives have been forever changed and look forward to seeing the happy faces of the staff and will be enjoying a pain free life thanks to our journey with Pinnacle Wellness."
    Cara C.
  • "If you have back and/or neck trouble and have never been to a chiropractor before, then this is the place for you. I was referred here by my wife who has been seeing the doctors for several years. Since starting my adjustments I sleep better and feel better all around, and no it doesn't hurt. Currently I am recovering from tennis elbow and bursitis which the doctors are helping me recover by using a massager on my arm when I visit, even my physical therapist was glad they were helping out."
    Royce S.
  • "I have been a patient of Pinnacle Wellness for many years. They have a great, friendly staff and Doctors who truly care about there patients. I would recommend this place to anyone with back or neck pain."
    James S.
  • "The staff is extremely friendly and personable when you enter the facility. They make you feel like you are a part of the family. Our kiddos get adjusted too and for our infant it helped him to crawl properly when he was having difficulties or crawling abnormally. It is a vital part of our healthiness and we would recommend them to everyone!"
    Jennifer C.