Bulging Disc

Bulging Disc Relief Treatment with Your San Antonio Chiropractors

Without intervertebral discs, you couldn’t bend, twist or turn your back. Your discs absorb shocks between vertebrae while keeping them connected and allowing the nerves to pass from the spinal cord to the rest of your body. A protruding or bulging disc injury can cause back pain, sciatica and other pains. Fortunately, chiropractic care provides great bulging disc pain relief treatment. Schedule an appointment today with the chiropractor San Antonio trusts for natural, effective bulging disc relief.

What is a Bulging Disc Injury?

Imagine a doughnut-shaped balloon with a tough, fibrous outer covering encasing a gelatinous filling (nucleus). The outer covering also acts as a ligament holding adjacent vertebrae in place while providing spinal flexibility. The nucleus cushions vertebrae and nerves. Uneven wear from poor posture, repetitive motion, or sudden injury causes small tears in the covering, allowing nucleus material to push outward—like when you squeeze a balloon just enough to make it bulge without popping. This protruding nucleus bulge pinches nerves, causing back pain, leg pain, sciatica, numbness, tingling and other symptoms depending on the location of the disc injury. Without treatment, the disc covering cracks open, with the nucleus protruding even more (a herniated disc).

Chiropractic Care for Prevention and Treatment of Bulging Disc Pain

Regular chiropractic care and supportive therapies with your Pinnacle Wellness chiropractors in San Antonio provide excellent treatment for, and prevention of bulging disc pain and injury:

  • Chiropractic Care—Keeping your spine in correct alignment prevents uneven wear on discs, which prevents those small tears that can cause bulging and cracking. Even if you already have bulging discs, chiropractic care can relieve excess pressure to prevent them from herniating.
  • Massage Therapy—Sciatica, back pain, muscle spasms and other bulging disc injury symptoms respond well to soft-tissue massage therapy, which relieves musculoskeletal tensions and releases endorphins for natural pain relief.
  • Core Training, Nutrition and More—Our chiropractors will teach you ergonomic life habits, coach you on core training that can support good posture and prevent disc injury, while helping you pursue nutrition goals that can protect your discs and overall health and wellness. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular tips that can help you avoid disc injury!

Bulging Disc Back Pain Relief with the Chiropractor San Antonio Trusts

Schedule an appointment with your Pinnacle Wellness chiropractor in San Antonio today for bulging disc treatment and prevention: (210) 674-1234.


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